Helping single mothers find their way to independent living by
meeting spiritual and physical needs.


Creating sustainable opportunities for single mothers by meeting their spiritual and physical needs.


Improving the lives of troubled but determined single mothers and their families in Johnson County, Kansas.


Accountability, Commitment and Service, Empowerment, Honesty and Integrity, and Responsibility


Shepherd's Care Ministries (SCM) began as a Christian ministry in 2003 with the vision of helping single mothers with one or more dependent children find their way to independent living. At that time, the ministry was called the "Beadle Program" in honor of Jake Beadle, a tireless volunteer who helped set up and equip the residential facilities at its beginning. The term Shepherd's Care Ministries was born when our Christian ministry became a 501(c)3 not-for-profit public corporation in 2011. While Shepherd's Care Ministries is our official name, many still refer to our ministry as the "Beadle Program."

Shepherd’s Care Ministries is intended to help participants find and/or deepen their personal relationships with Jesus Christ, to help participants gain economic independence through furthering education, as necessary; finding stable employment, if lacking; and reducing debt, if that is an issue. The ministry provides and supports participants in the development of parenting and fundamental life skills to grow in personal responsibility, trustworthiness, honesty, integrity, and service to others.

Before acceptance, prospective candidates will be interviewed, drug tested, and psychologically evaluated.

They must participate in the Program for a probationary period of 90 days or more, to determine suitability and willingness to fully engage in every aspect of this comprehensive Program. If selected as a candidate who can benefit from the Program, resident status can be offered when there is a vacancy.


If resident status is offered, the single mother and her dependent children can live in the residence for a period of time up to 24 months, without cost for rent or utilities during that time. This continues to be dependent upon her continued compliance with and participation in all aspects of the program with all prescribed training and activities.


Shepherd’s Care Ministries is designed to help participants grow and develop spiritually through regular attendance and participation in a local Christian church, in Sunday school or appropriate Christian teaching and fellowship for their children, and with regular Bible study for mothers at the residence.


Economic independence is supported and encouraged through training in Financial Peace University, developed by Dave Ramsey. Each participant is required to find and regularly meet with a budget coach to develop and follow a financial plan to reduce or eliminate debt, to save and maintain an emergency cash fund, and to save for important future needs such as a possible home purchase and/or children’s college fund.


Growth in parenting and fundamental life skills is supported through accountability and supervision by the Resident Director, through classes and special training sessions, through required counseling for mothers and children, through living in adjacent apartments in one locality, and through other training recommended for specific individual needs.


There are many areas in which individuals and organizations can partner with Shepherd’s Care Ministries to support the Program with volunteering time and/or financial sponsorship.


Volunteer Your Time
  • Church Mentorship/Accountability Teams

  • Budget Coaches

  • Spiritual Mentors

  • Bible Study Mentors/Facilitators

  • Life Skills Coaches and Class Facilitators

  • Childcare Helpers

  • Family Support Partners

  • Professional Resources Volunteers (counselors, legal advisors, etc.)


In addition to the needs listed above, churches, individuals, business organizations, and community interest groups can work with SCM to sponsor a family unit. If you are interested in more information about sponsorship, please contact us at or call us at (913) 764-3745.


Make a Donation

The residential living quarters and all utilities are provided at no charge to Program participants. The physical building facilities must be repaired, maintained, and replaced as necessary over time, just as with any residence. Our ministry provides all the teaching and training materials for Program participants and for probationary candidates. All of these costs/expenses for the residential facility and the Program must be covered by the ministry.

The existence and viability of Shepherd’s Care Ministries are dependent, therefore, totally upon the charitable donations of local churches, organizations, and individuals who understand and support our mission and ministry. We thank those donors and we thank God for providing for those ministry needs!

Resident Director, Tammi Crowley

We are very pleased to have Tammi Crowley as our very well qualified Resident Director since 2014. She is a single mother herself, and was an earlier Beadle Program participant. Tammi has a heart for and an intimate knowledge of the challenges of participating in Christian ministry while trying to be a godly mother, maintaining a full-time job, directing and overseeing the Program, all while raising a teen-age son. She is very active in her local church, coaching and counseling other women along with other responsibilities.​

Board of Directors

Individual Board members are united in their Christian beliefs and in their passion for this ministry and its continuing success in helping single mothers and their children grow spiritually, gain economic independence, and succeed in life after graduation from the Program. Board members are listed alphabetically below:

  • Kim Campbell

  • Lyle Gibbens

  • Kevin Gilmore

  • Claire Hendrix

  • Terry Hinton

  • Larry Hodel

  • Mary Ann Pitnick

  • Lisa Wedel


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